Voter Information Association

Story, UX Research, Service Design


A system designed to distribute information to Washington State voters in an effort to help them make informed decisions.


Contributing Members

The Problem at Hand

Lack of accessibility and awareness

Citizens experience a general lack of transparency during the process of voting resulting in a lack of trust in said process. This presents itself in the form of minimal access to reliable information about candidates and policies and difficulty finding information about registration status and previously cast votes

Finding a Solution

VIA looks to help increase voter awareness through a three part system comprised of the following components:

1. Voter Kiosks

Pop up kiosks to be installed at various high traffic locations during election season. Volunteers/staff will be present at the kiosks to answer questions and provide resources for the public.

2. Website/App

As a digital counterpart to the kiosks, a website/app combination serves a similar function. The website and app display clearly labeled partisan information about ballot measures, give users the option to fill out a ‘mock ballot,' find nearby polling areas and access information about local measures.

3. Campaign

A system of voter pamphlet information posters and general/election awareness campaign posters available at the kiosks and online. This portion of the service is intended to increase excitemet about the democratic process.

Our most valuable tool as designers is our ability to organize, contextualize and present information. We used that tool throughout every aspect of this product to not only increase voter awareness. but to give voters access to critical information that becoming increasingly more difficult to find. In addition to this, our system is actually feasible. It doesn't require any permissions from the state or change of laws, no large sum of money, just a few willing hands with enough drive to make it happen.